Adidas Attracts Outdoor Enthusiasts With PrimaLoft Partnership

It’s fair to say that in the outdoor apparel arena, the more labels a product has, the more likely a consumer is to reach for it. In the eyes of today’s tech-savvy outdoor enthusiasts, hang tags and performance-enhancing attributes go hand in hand, and anything that can potentially offer an edge when they’re hiking or biking will grab their attention—and possibly their purse strings.

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Women Unleash Their Pent Up Demands (For Better Wardrobes)

American retailers rejoiced over the uptick in women’s apparel sales last year—up 3%, after only 1.5% growth in 2011. As reported by Sourcing Journal, the increasingly casual U.S. workplace* spurred a rush for dresses and denim, but The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch reports that a colorful trend, and demand for quality over quantity also motivated spending….

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