Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin: WellMade Argues Compliance is About More Than Cost

WellMade, an non-profit organization dedicated to educating retailers, manufacturers and consumers about international labor conditions, provided a special presentation at the Ethical Fashion Show In Berlin, Germany. The interactive workshop, entitled, “Improving Working Conditions in Your Clothing Supply Chain,” was lead by WellMade advocates Tara Scally and Saskia Kramer.

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New TPP Hurdle: Vietnam’s Human Rights Record

Vietnam has consistently been a magnet for controversy during the now stalled Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, largely over the complex contours of “rules of origin” for fibers. However, it now has taken center stage for its questionable human rights record, another potential hurdle to be cleared for the TPP to reach a final settlement.

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Hope and Challenges for Pakistan Post-GSP Plus

Pakistan has ample reason for celebration now that it has been granted duty-free access to European markets under the Generalized System of Preference Plus (GSP), effective January 1, 2014. However, there remains considerable concern regarding how sufficiently prepared it is to capitalize upon the opportunities the coveted trade status brings, given stubbornly persistent economic and governmental dysfunction.

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