Ortiz Industry on How to Take Fashion High Tech

A common struggle for small and large apparel companies alike is finding a manufacturer that can bring their ideas to life. Quite often they’re told the technology does not exist, or it’s just not possible to do exactly what they’re asking, and the design team has to return to the drawing board.

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Epson Showcases the Power of Print

In the age of instant everything, ready-to-wear collections are increasingly tired by the time they’ve stepped off the catwalk onto the shop floor. Now, Epson is hoping to offer fashion designers shorter lead times and the ability to print patterned fabric as easily as if… Read More

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The NFL, GE and Under Armour Partner with NIST for Material Innovation Challenge

The National Football League (NFL), General Electric (GE) and Under Armour announced last week that they have joined forces with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST to launch Head Health Challenge III, an open innovation competition to advance materials that better absorb and dissipate energy, according to the NIST website.

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