Cleantech Company to Offer Fluorocarbon-Free Performance Textiles in Asia

Swedish clean technology company OrganoClick is taking its environmentally friendly performance materials into the Asian market in a new partnership with Taiwanese textile manufacturer Chang-Ho Fibre, the company announced last month. OrganoClick created OrganoTex, a fluorocarbon-free water-repellent textile treatment technology that is readily biodegradable and… Read More

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How to Choose Supply Chain Partners to Improve Sustainability

Manufacturers know there is an environmental cost to each and every piece produced. To create a more sustainable environment, many firms are looking at their supply chains to see what can be improved.

While the price of entering the world of sustainability and level of commitment may be high, companies like Patagonia choose to work with partners to improve labor conditions, restrict the use of dangerous chemicals and increase transparency of social and environmental practices. In even the largest firms, “you cannot audit all the conditions in all of the factories yourself,” said Vincent Stanley, director of philosophy for Patagonia, so supply chain partners are necessary.

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Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin: WellMade Argues Compliance is About More Than Cost

WellMade, an non-profit organization dedicated to educating retailers, manufacturers and consumers about international labor conditions, provided a special presentation at the Ethical Fashion Show In Berlin, Germany. The interactive workshop, entitled, “Improving Working Conditions in Your Clothing Supply Chain,” was lead by WellMade advocates Tara Scally and Saskia Kramer.

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