Women Unleash Their Pent Up Demands (For Better Wardrobes)

American retailers rejoiced over the uptick in women’s apparel sales last year—up 3%, after only 1.5% growth in 2011. As reported by Sourcing Journal, the increasingly casual U.S. workplace* spurred a rush for dresses and denim, but The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch reports that a colorful trend, and demand for quality over quantity also motivated spending….

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Disney Drops Bangladesh and Pakistan in Potentially Dangerous Trend

In a move that will likely strike fear into the hearts of Bangladeshi exporters, many global retail firms are reconsidering their sourcing arrangements in the tragedy stricken country. Negative publicity stemming from the Tazreen Fashions fire in November and the more recent factory building collapse has pushed Benetton, the Children’s Place, Gap, and other retailers to rapidly reassess how to improve working conditions in the country….

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